6 Essential Brain Superfoods…

Have you ever wondered if there are special foods that we can eat or feed our children to help with brain power? I know I certainly have. So I got my research hat on and delved a little further to find out more.

I’m not big on mumbo jumbo and techy detailed medical shenanigans so I’m hoping I can make this as concise as possible, yet still super useful and informative.

So let’s begin!

6 essential brain superfoods

BLUEBERRIES. A yummy-licious way to start this superfoods round-up. Not only are blueberries good for boosting your memory, they are also very high in antioxidants. Sneak a few blueberries into your family’s diet and you’ll be super brainy and super healthy. Win win!

BROCCOLI. Some people love it, some people not so much. We’re about 50/50 in our house. But pair it with a yummy roast dinner and you can’t go wrong. With its high levels of vitamin K, it is great for your memory.

AVOCADOS. This fruit has grown on me with age. I now really like it. Packed full of ‘good fats’, the good old avo has many health benefits along with being really good for improving memory and concentration.

DARK CHOCOLATE. And by dark, I mean at least 70% cocoa content. The bitter taste should let you get your chocolate fix without devouring the whole slab, and you’ll be doing your brain a favour too.

SALMON. Get a good dose of Omega-3 from a weekly salmon dinner. It’s great for boosting memory and improving your focus.

EGGS. I could quite happily eat eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are so versatile and also don’t break the bank. Their magical ingredient is choline which is packed into the egg yolk and said to be good for improving your memory.

There’s a pretty good variety here so everyone in the family, despite their taste preferences, should be able to get their dose of brainy goodness.

See ya later, brainiacs!

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