6 Ways To Read More Everyday.

I love to read! That’s one reason why I write books for a living. More specifically, Children’s Books.

That moment when your child starts to connect with reading and their brain starts to click everything in to place in terms of how letters work together is a fascinating moment. I’ve always encouraged reading and my husband and I tried to read to the kids as much as possible when they were little to expose them to the joy of reading. But once they start to make sense of the letters in their minds, that’s when you can really have some fun.

Here are my 6 ways to read more everyday (no book needed!)

LETTER GAME: When my son first started remembering the alphabet and learning his phonics, he was super keen on playing Eye Spy. The only problem was, there was no visual aid to help in the game, so he sometimes got a bit confused. That’s where our Letter Game comes in handy. Now that he has a visual reference for the letters, he can play all day long with no confusion or mistakes in the letters that he needs to use.

FOOD PACKAGING: Once kids start to read, they will want to read everything. Food packaging included. So many words to read without having to buy a book!

ROAD SIGNS: Once they get a bit bigger and can put letters into words a bit quicker, road signs are another great way to read more as you go about your day.

JUNK MAIL: Take advantage of all the junk that makes it to your letterbox and let your kids enjoy reading all the bumf.

LISTS: Make lists for everything. Your next grocery shopping expedition is a great opportunity. List the essentials (a big list of everything you need may be a bit daunting!) and give it to the children to read so they can have a little treasure hunt in the shop for all the goodies you need.

HAPPY BOOKS: This is more suited for kids that can read and now write on their own. Spelling doesn’t have to be perfect as it’s more about them learning and enjoying, so don’t be too critical. Point out errors so they can learn for next time. Happy Books are a lot like diaries, but less to write. Instead of pouring out all of their daily thoughts and feelings, encourage your child to focus on one thing that made them happy each day and have them write it in their Happy Book before they go to bed. Hopefully they will go to bed with a nice big smile on their face too as the last thing on their mind will be something positive rather than any school stresses that may be bothering them.

If you have any fun things that you do with your children to get them reading more, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Have fun and happy reading!