When it comes to learning the ABC’s, as a guide, children start to show an interest in letters at around two years old and start to recognize individual letters between three and four years old.

Once a child shows interest in letters, it’s a good idea to encourage their interest and there are a number of ways that this can be done.

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8 Ways to learn the ABC's www.zwanniebooks.com

Alphabet books

Alphabet books these days are so bright, colourful and engaging. They easily capture a child’s imagination and interest. Board books are great for younger kids and if they have an interactive element, such as letter tracing, even better. Once kids get a little older, progress to books with a few word examples for each letter. This will help them progress to learning their phonics. The Zwannie Kids both loved Making Letters when they were younger.

Letter magnets

Letter magnets are great fun to play with at any age. Have them on the fridge or perhaps install a magnet wall in your child’s bedroom for hours of letter fun.

Sing the alphabet song

Don’t think this one really needs an explanation 🙂 blah blah blah blah el-em-en-oh-pee

Point out letters

Use your daily outings to point out letters to your child and make errands more interesting.

8 Ways to learn the ABC's www.zwanniebooks.com

Learn their name

Kids will find it easier to remember letters if they have some relevance. Try focusing on their own name or Mum, Dad etc. Once they have a few letters committed to memory, the rest won’t seem so intimidating.

Flash cards

Ohhh, I love flash cards. They are great to keep in your bag and have on hand for when you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, in a restaurant or travelling.

Foam bath letters

A colourful addition to your bathroom, foam bath letters are a great ‘toy’ to aid in letter recognition.


Yes, you…the parent! You are the best thing since sliced bread to help your child learn their ABC’s. Engage with them daily. Spend quality time together as much as possible and make it FUN! Have a laugh.

Enjoy these special moments and please feel free share any other ways that you like to use to help your child learn their letters. We’d love to hear from you!

A B C ya later!

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