App Review: Word Connect

We’ve decided to take a slightly different approach to our usual Sunday Funday post, and today we’ll be reviewing a new app the Zwannie kids discovered recently.

It’s called Word Connect  and it’s available on both Apple and Android.

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that my kids love playing on my phone. In these fast moving times, kids love technology and need to be aware of how devices such as smart phones and tablets work. With schools moving more and more towards teaching on tablets, I personally think we are disadvantaging our kids if we shield them from such technology.

That being said, I refuse to allow them to be glued to ‘screens’ 24/7. As with our diets, screen time is all about balance.

So today we are reviewing the Word Connect app. A fabulous word based game that anyone can play and gradually gets harder and harder as you progress through the levels.

App review: Word Connect.

My daughter discovered this app and the whole family loves playing it.

The aim of the game is to join the given letters into words equal to the spaces allocated. It’s a great ‘train your brain’ app!  In the example below you will see that you have to get 3 x 3 letter words using only the letters provided.

App review: Word Connect.

This game comes with coins that awarded for every level that you complete, plus bonus coins for harder words. You can use these coins to buy clues if you get stuck.

A great feature of this game which adds to it’s educational values, is the option to click on a word and bring up dictionary examples.

App review: Word Connect.

The free version of this game does come with adverts every few levels, but there is the option to buy an ‘ad free’ version if you wish.

As you know, we love all things educational and ‘wordy’ so this definitely gets huge thumbs up from the whole Zwannie Books team.

It’s a great little game to have on your phone for situations like waiting at the doctor’s office, sitting in a restaurant or just stuck in traffic. You can keep the kids entertained, give them their dose of screen time and increase their word knowledge and brain power. #winning

Happy days,

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