DIY Mini Calm Jars…

Hi all. It’s time for our weekly ‘fun’ post. Something slightly different to our usual word/reading related activities today. These calm jars are great fun to make and shake and the Zwannie kids love them. What you will need:

  • small 80ml or 100ml jar with screw top
  • glycerine (you should be able to find it at your local pharmacy)
  • food colouring (a teeeeeeeny bit!)
  • glitter
  • metal confetti
  • waterdiy mini calm jars

What to do:

  • pop to the shops and pick up supplies. This is a nice, cheap activity so it hopefully shouldn’t make too much of a dent in your wallet
  • once back home, get your jar and fill it apx 3/4 (three-quarters) full with glycerine
  • sprinkle in some metal confetti
  • sprinkle in some glitter
  • drip in a tiny bit of food colouring. If the drop is too big, the colour will be too dark and you won’t see all the pretty glittery goodness. You could even omit this step and just leave the liquid clear. It will still be a gorgeous calm jar!
  • top up the jar with water
  • screw the lid on and make sure it’s nice and tight.
  • shake it, baby!

diy calm jars

Aren’t they pretty? You can make a bunch of them in a variety of colours and I bet you’ll never get tired of staring at your creation. Enjoy!

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