Are your kids discovering rhyme? Are they starting to figure out which words go together and sound like each other.

If so, great! It’s so much fun when this starts to happen.

My daughter and I have started to play a little game, usually just before bedtime, involving rhyme.

We take it in turns to give each other a word, and then the other has to come up with a four line rhyme based on that word. Easy, right!

Here’s an example…

Here’s a rhyme based on BEAR

I once saw a bear, he was ever so rare, I started to stare, but he really didn’t care.

ta da!

Easy rhyming fun for everyone

Here’s another…based on HEART

It takes a lot of heart, to not do a fart, when riding a cart, and throwing a dart!

Ok, so sometimes they have little kiddie funnies included, and sometimes they don’t make a ton of sense. But that’s the beauty of these little rhymes. The funnier the better. It’s a great bonding exercise, it’s educational, and it can be as  hilarious as you care to make it!

We’d love to hear any that you come up with…let us know in the comments below.

Rhyme on!

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