We’re sharing our favourite books…

In celebration of Read a Book Day on 6th September, we’re sharing with you our favourite books (that are not ones that we’ve written, he he!)

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In celebration of Read a Book Day on 6th September. www.zwanniebooks.com

First up, it’s Elissa

When I asked her what her favourite book was she ran straight to her bedroom to collect Dork Diaries by Rachel Renée Russell.

She. Is. Obsessed!

It’s right up there with the Judy Moody series, which she’s read in it’s entirety. I’ve tried to read it, but it’s definitely written for the mind of a ‘tweenager’. Rachel does a fabulous job of writing in their lingo. I take my hat off to her.

It has Elissa in giggles and hooked on every word from the turn of the first page. She’s only 8 but can easily finish a book (300+ pages) in a weekend. Thankfully our local library has wised up to the Dork Diaries phenomenon and ordered the full set. Hoorah!

In celebration of Read a Book Day on 6th September. www.zwanniebooks.com

Next, it’s Tiaan

Of all the books he has in his room, he picked The Diggers by Margaret Wise Brown. I really didn’t expect this to be his favourite. He likes it, I know that. But I really thought another would be top of the pile. Nope. Tiaan is adamant that The Diggers is his favourite book.

Maybe it’s a boy thing!

It’s got lots of cool things in it like digging, diggers, trains, mountains, worms, pirates, dogs, treasure and bones. Maybe that’s the secret behind Tiaan’s love for it. The illustrations by Antoine Corbineau are pretty cool too.

In celebration of Read a Book Day on 6th September. www.zwanniebooks.com

And this is my fave…

Or rather, this is my favourite kids book. The Big Night-Night Book by Georgie Birkett. My mum bought this for Elissa when she was a baby and we have read it over and over. We know it off by heart. It’s the cutest bedtime book I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

With the added bonus of touchy-feely interactive goodness and super bright illustrations, it’s a total winner in my eyes. Oh yeah, and it rhymes! You know we love a good rhyming story!

I hope this has inspired you to think about your favourite book. Maybe it’s a brand new book. Maybe it’s an oldie that you’d like to read again. Whatever it is, we hope you enjoy a little quality book time on 6th September.

Happy reading,

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