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Happy Halloween by Zwannie Books

Mr. Buttcheek Man and Missymoo love this time of year.

It’s Halloween and they’re dressing up for lots of Halloween cheer!


The Alphabet World Adventure

Mr. Buttcheek Man and Missymoo are joining up today.

They’re going around the world. They’re doing it the ABC way.

ISBN 978-0-6399437-7-0

Mr. Buttcheek Man is going overseas. He’s going on a great big ship.

Join the ride and find out inside, exactly where he goes on his trip!

ISBN 978-0-6399437-0-1

Missymoo is just like you, she’s smart and pretty and funny.

Join in the fun as she gets her chores done. I wonder if she’ll get any money?

ISBN 978-0-6399437-4-9


Missymoo gos to Honolulu

Missymoo is just like you, she’s smart and pretty and funny.

She’s off with her family to beautiful Hawaii. Will it be nice and sunny?

ISBN 978-0-6399437-6-3


Mr. Buttcheek Man Starts a Band

Mr. Buttcheek Man has made up his mind. He’s going to start a band!

He’ll join his mates, who are really quite great. I bet you’ll be a huge fan!

ISBN 978-0-6399437-2-5



Choggie, the picnic

Our little friend Choggie the hedgehog has lots of tales for you.

This one is about a picnic. Would you like to come along too?

ISBN 978-0-6399437-8-7



Missymoo is just like you, she’s smart and pretty and funny.

But today’s not good, she’s got the flu. She needs hot lemon and honey!

ISBN 978-0-6399437-5-6


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