Poems by Ellie


Dear Mumsiewoo

Dear Mumsiewoo…

Today I have something important to do to make my Mum feel better. Dear Mumsiewoo, I start to write, and so begins my letter…

I don’t always know the right way to say exactly how I feel. But you always know just what to say to love and mend and heal.

I know I act like I don’t care and often push you away. But deep down inside I’m battling my pride. I really want you to stay.

I act all tough and know-it-all, but all I want to do, is cuddle up safe in those arms of yours. Don’t you want that too?

I always forget you’ve been where I am, that you were once my age. Sometimes there’s so much going on, it just feels like a daze!

I always hoped I’d be given the chance to be a mummy too. Now that I am, I can only dream of being half as good as you!

Although we’re separated by many miles, you are always in my heart. I love you so much it really hurts to be so far apart.

I couldn’t have wished for a better Mum…a friend to confide in too. I love you Mum, forever and ever. I love you Mumsiewoo.