Reading aloud to your child. Why it’s important…

Reading aloud to our children is one of the most important things we can do as a parent to help our children grow and succeed in the world. Even before the child is old enough to understand the words that we are saying, reading aloud is still a vital part of the process in our children becoming successful and enthusiastic readers in their own right.

Even with our busy lifestyles, actually especially with our busy lifestyles, it is imperative that we make time to read to our children. We may think that we need to stop once they are old enough to read themselves, but we should actually continue. Reading something aloud which is beyond a child’s comprehension continues to motivate them to improve their own skills.

Here is a rundown of why it is important to read aloud to your child:

Why it's important to read aloud to your child.

It develops language. Starting young is imperative. Not only does it help you bond with your child, but it helps to develop their language skills. Even though they are picking up the words that you say to them on a daily basis, reading allows them to be exposed to words you might not necessarily be using in your daily vocabulary.

It teaches expression. I bet not one parent reads to their child in a monotone voice. How boring would that be?! Instead, we use expression and annotation in our voice to make the story more exciting. By doing this, we are exposing our child to the wonders of expression.

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It teaches a child to focus their attention. Reading to your child helps them learn how to sit still and concentrate on the task at hand, in this case the story being told. This is a great skill to carry through to their school years. Don’t read for too long though. 10-15 minutes is a perfect length of time.

It stimulates imagination. “A book is a dream that you hold in your hand” said English author Neil Gaiman. This is so true. A book can open our minds to situations, characters and events that our everyday lives can not.Neil Gaiman quote.

It develops cognitive skills. Once your child is old enough to talk, discuss with them what happened in the story once you have finished reading. Did they understand what you read to them?

It shows them that reading is important. As mentioned at the beginning of the post, our lives these days are busier than ever. Making time to read to, and with your child, not only shows them they they are important, but that reading is too.

It teaches them ‘book awareness’. If you follow the words with your finger, they will learn that the English word is read from left to right and they will also learn the correct way to hold a book.

It encourages a love of reading. Make it fun and your child be be hooked on reading. Let them pick a book on the next trip to the library or book shop and they will love it even more.

Why it's important to read aloud to your child.

Don’t delay, start today! Take a trip to the library and pick out some books that your child will really enjoy, or pop on over to Amazon and purchase one of our titles (wink wink, nudge nudge!). Set 10 minutes aside each day to spend quality time together reading and immersing yourself in a fantasy world. Enjoy developing your child’s love and enjoyment of the written word.

Have fun!

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