The magic of Julia Donaldson

It’s a fact, we love Julia Donaldson. End of post!

Nah, just kidding!

Seriously though, we do have a bit of an obsession with her wonderful books. Books such as Tabby McTat, Sharing a Shell and Room on the Broom are part of who we are.

The magic of Julia Donaldson

I will never forget when my husband heard our daughter ‘reading’ Tabby McTat to herself one day. She was only four or so at the time and couldn’t yet read, but we’d read the book so much that she knew it off by heart and knew when to turn the pages. It was magical!

The magic of Julia Donaldson

Truth be told, Julia Donaldson is one of our biggest inspirations. Right up there with Dr. Seuss! Along with Alex Scheffler who illustrates a lot of her titles, she creates books that both children and adults can enjoy. This is one of the hallmarks of a great children’s book.

We love the way she writes in rhyme and this has definitely inspired the books that we have written so far. Rhyming stories for kids are vitally important in the process of learning to read.

The magic of Julia Donaldson

Prior to writing children’s books, Julia wrote songs for children’s television, but when one of those songs was published in 1993, things changed forever.

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Maybe her most famous book, The Gruffalo, was published in 1999. It’s already been translated into more than forty languages and won many awards. If you don’t have a copy on your bookshelf, you probably know someone who does.

In 2011 she became the UK’s Children’s Laureate.

We can but dream to become as successful at Julia, but we have at least taken a few baby steps. We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us on our publishing journey thus far.

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