Sunday Funday is back and today we are bringing you a quick little review of the blue orange ‘smart game’ Copy Or Not Copy, in association with our great friends at Toy Genie.

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We love games that help kids build and improve their cognitive brain skills, and this game is great for that. Kids really have to use their concentration and analytical powers to win at this game.

toy review, copy or not copy.

The game comes in a sturdy, compact tin and includes countless game cards (actually, there’s 72!), 6 coloured tokens and instruction books in multiple languages.

Each card has 4-5 images, which at first all look the same. But when you look closer, they all have slight differences…apart from 1, which is the original.

toy review, copy or not copy.

The aim of the main game is to play against other players (1-6 players is the advised number, aged 7+) and race against each other to find ‘the original’ image. The first player to collect 5 cards is the winner.

We’re not that great at playing the main version of the game, and the Zwannie kids prefer to play solo. We find that it’s challenging enough to spot the differences without adding a competitive aspect to the game.

toy review, copy or not copy.

This game has actually highlighted the fact that all kids are wired differently and we all have different strengths and abilities. My 5 year old boy can analyse the cards and find the differences a lot faster than my 8 year old girl.

There are a few other variances on the game which involve the coloured discs that come with the game, but we haven’t quite advanced to that stage yet. If you prefer the other variations, please let us know!

toy review, copy or not copy.

All in all this is a great game. Great for travelling due to it’s compact, durable packaging. Very stimulating thanks to the bright images on the cards. But most of all very challenging thanks to the small differences between each image.

If things have gotten a little crazy and out of control at home, this is a wonderfully calming game to bring things back to order!

You can purchase Copy Or Not Copy direct from Toy Genie.

Until next time, brainiacs.

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