Today we’re back with another toy review in association with our great friends at Toy Genie.

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This week’s review is on Dr. Eureka

dr. eureka toy review

Although the box says it’s for 6+, both the Zwannie Books kids joined in the fun. They are 5 and 8.

First the setting up. Each player gets three test tubes and six balls. Two red balls in one tube. Two green balls in the next tube and two purple balls in the last tube. As this is a ‘science’ experiment, the balls represent molocules in the game.

dr. eureka toy review.

The aim of the game is to pick a card and try to rearrange the balls/molecules so that they match the diagram shown on your chosen card, thereby completing the experiment.

dr. eureka toy review

This is the tricky part and kids will need to use a lot of brain cells and a lot of control to figure it out…especially as they are not allowed to touch the balls. Instead they must move the balls between each tube using their skills, patience, and lots of mental agility. Dexterity is key here.

dr. eureka toy review

This is a great game to improve and develop kids cognitive and fine motor skills.

Kids can easily play this game by themselves and practice moving the balls at their own pace, or they can add a bit of fun and competitive spirit by racing against a friend or sibling. The first player to complete ‘an experiment’ is the winner.

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Unfortunately this is not a game that I would recommend for travelling due to the large box and the balls that could easily get lost while out and about, but it really is a good addition to any toy cupboard! There are so many cards to work through that it will take a long time for boredom to set in and I love the fact that one child can easily play this on their own, or more can join together for a bit more of a challenge.

dr. eureka toy review

South African readers can purchase Dr. Eureka directly from Toy Genie, while international readers can visit Amazon.

dr. eureka toy review

Keep a look out for more toy reviews coming your way soon.

Later brainiacs!

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