The ‘Voyages’ box…

It’s been a while since we reviewed an educational toy and seeing as the school holidays are coming to an end here in South Africa, I thought it might be a good idea to get the kids’ brains in gear again!

Today, we had a little bit of fun with the ‘Voyages’ Story Cubes box.

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The aim of the game is quite simple really. Take all 9 cubes, throw them, and make a story with the icons/images that land for you.

My little miss E threw the dice and got the following icons to create her story with: cactus, glasses, music, crown, germ, necklace, sun, waves and treasure.

toy review Story Cubes

Here’s her story

There once was a box of treasure. It was magical if the sun shone on it. When it became magical, it could turn something like a cactus into a crown!

There was also a magic necklace. Someone found it and threw it into the waves. Now the necklace was covered in germs because a fish had eaten it.

One day, much later, there was a music festival on the beach. A man with weird glasses found the necklace washed up on the beach. He took it to a museum so it was safe again!

The End.

Story Cubes are great for imagination

They offer never-ending options for creating stories.

They are also great to have on hand in the car or in your bag. The boxes are so small and compact that you can take them anywhere.

The packs come in different ‘genres’, including Actions, Voyages (which we used), Fantasy,and the Original set. Something to suit everyone.

Smaller packs are also available in Enchanted, Prehistoria and Clues, with only 3 dice which are great for smaller kids just beginning to make up stories. Having to use 9 images may be a bit daunting for younger kids, but 3 is a good amount to create a cute little short story.

The options are limitless…

Happy storytelling,

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