Sunday Funday has taken a slightly different turn today. We’ve teamed up with Toy Genie to bring you reviews and features on toys with educational or cognitive development benefits.

Toy Genie is a Cape Town based toy company stocking some of the best educational smart toys on the market (as well as lots of other great stuff just for fun!). Their service is one in a million and all products are of exceptional quality. This is an affiliation that we are truly proud of and we can’t wait to bring you lots of fun reviews going forward.

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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that earn me a small commission, at no additional cost to you. I promise to only recommend products that I have reviewed personally or that I have used and think you might like to use too.

Our first review is on ZIP-IT.

We were immediately drawn to ZIP-IT because it looked like a great little word game that would help kids learn spelling. It didn’t disappoint!

ZIP-IT comes in a compact little case that you can pretty much carry with you anywhere, and due to the material the case is made from, it’s pretty durable too.

The aim of the game (2 players only!) is to compile an interlocking word grid using twelve letter cubes. Think of a multi-dimensional Scrabble maybe! The first player to use all their letters in the grid wins the round and moves their zip slider up the side of the case. The first person to zip it ten places, wins the game.

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Because the Zwannie Books kids are currently 8 and 5, my 5 year old needed a bit of help. The game is really suited to kids that can already spell pretty well.

However,  it does also make a great little activity for younger kids who are just starting to learn short words such as CAT, MAT, DOG, SAD, AND etc. My son really enjoyed putting short words together on his own. He just wasn’t quick enough to beat his super speedy sister in an actual game.

If you’re looking for something handy and educational to have on hand for travelling or just for a trip to a restaurant to keep the kids entertained, then this is a great addition to your toy collection. It’s small enough for mum’s to keep in their handbags and have on hand at anytime.

Adults shouldn’t feel left out either. It’s a great game for young and old alike.

If you would like to purchase ZIP-IT from Toy Genie directly, please do so here (South African readers only), or for international readers, you can find it on Amazon.

Happy zipping!

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