Why It’s Good To Rhyme!

If you have bought one of our books, you will notice that we love to make them rhyme. Why? Well, it’s fun for starters. But there are lots of other reasons why it’s good to rhyme.

IT HELPS KIDS LEARN TO READ!: Reading things that rhyme can help your child to read. It helps them associate letters and sounds. If they hear a rhyme with Cat and Mat in it, they will learn and start to understand how words can share the same letters as well as the same sounds. It will help them learn ‘rhyming families’.

IT IMPROVES THEIR LANGUAGE SKILLS: Reading in rhyme improves a child’s vocabulary simply because rhymes stick in your head more easily than a regular story, much like the way a new song will stay with you and repeat over and over. Therefore new words stick in your head too. Once a child understands how to rhyme, you can enjoy making funny little rhymes about everything! “Let’s go to the shop, to buy you a new top”. My kids now seem to do it to a lot of things I say, even without me prompting them. I’ll say something perfectly normal such as “What would you like for dinner?” and someone will say “Spaghetti Bolognese, it’s a real winner!”.

IT LEADS TO BETTER WRITING: Simply put, a child will find it hard to be a good writer if they are not a good listener and reader first. Rhyming helps you read and reading helps you write.

IT HELPS A CHILD LEARN RHYTHM!: Reading a story that rhymes is like reading a song, and who doesn’t love a good song! When I read a rhyming book with my children, we like to change the tempo that we read in every now and again to change things up a bit! Changing the tempo is easy with rhyming books and you can have a good giggle while you’re at it!

IT’S FUN: Reading in rhyme can make things a lot more enjoyable, especially for younger children who are simply not interested in a normal story.

IT HELPS WITH VOICE ANIMATION: How bored do you get when someone talks to you in a monotonous voice? Very, I would imagine. Adding inflections and animation to your voice is much easier when you’re reading rhyme, and therefore makes a story more enjoyable.

So what are you waiting for. Get rhyming and have fun while you learn.

You’ll be a poet before you know it!